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Terrell Owens broke the news about Aaron Maybin signing with the Bills on Twitter. By Amy Moritz - NEWS SPORTS REPORTER It might be the ego. It might be for fun. It might be the best way to disseminate information, or attract and retain fans or launch a new marketing campaign in the brave new digital world. But if you've been around any type of media outlet — traditional types of newspapers, television and radio or ones in the cyberworld — you've heard about the growing phenomenon … [Read more...]

Sports Radio Boston – “SRB” – Friday Funk – Twitter is our Friend!

SI Swimsuit Photos Leaked ( ?) on Twitter... Yes we the creators of SRB  are in fact geeks who happen to like sports, tweets and girls! We came across some fun pics to share - so those who find Twitter an utter waste of time we don't mind sharing... and we are just getting started! Enjoy and happy Friday ! Mystery Rookie SI model! And some new stuff from Bar Rafaeli! ( really what's left for Leo to conquer and why leave this behind- pun intended! For PGA fans all over the … [Read more...]

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Sports Radio for iPhone Get sports radio stations from around the country streaming to your phone Posted on Aug 7, 2009 12:56 pm by Brendan Wilhide, Sports Radio for the iPhone puts your favorite sports radio station in your pocket. The $2 app from Intersect World features local, national and even several international sports radio stations. The program harnesses readily available live streams over the Internet in a very simple application. Still, while Sports Radio is … [Read more...]