Dennis and Callahan add a Young Gun!

Kirk Minihane Joins Morning Sports Talk WEEI So the name just has to's not longer D & C  right?  Enter new blood to resuscitate the ailing show - it seems obvious that since the voluntary departure of Jon  Meterparel  in October the show is on an attrition slide that even an FM signal can't stop. The Dennis and Callahan show has drifted over the years it's stale and uninspired;   the early morning choice for sports radio is the imaginative and fresh Toucher and Rich at The Sports … [Read more...]

Let’s Show Support for Rich!

-Rich Shertenlieb For years I have been entertained by the Toucher and Rich Show.  When they first came on the scene on WBCN i was a doubting Thomas and thought ahhh another Opie and Anthony- Stern wannabe show - I stuck with them and found I resonated with the direction they took their program in the local flavor was of course one of the more attractive benefits at first.  I was hooked on the banter the shenanigans even Andolfo had a certain charm about him.   I was worried about the show … [Read more...]

Boston Sports Review Radio Show

Boston Sports Review Radio Show The landscape of Sports Radio is changing internationally,nationally, regionally and locally. What's going on? The path to the airways is getting easier.  The growth of satellite  and online radio Vs the diminishing role of  traditional terrestrial radio have made innovators, entrepreneurs and fans radio friendly. UNregular Radio out of Boston is a pioneer in the internet broadcast space.  Here is where  The Boston Sports Review lives and breathes. … [Read more...]

World Premier of: “Golden Greek, Excellence To The End”

Premier Screening a Success! UR Business Network Proud to Participate... The red carpet world premier event screening of Agganis - The Golden Greek Excellence To The End  November 13  in Boston at the AMC Loews Boston Common was a tremendous success.  The overwhelming applause from the audience was the stamp of approval for this outstanding documentary. The world premier screening  to packed cinemas was followed by a private party at the luxurious Gypsy Bar. UR Business Network was on … [Read more...]

Sports Radio Boston Joins UR Business Network-

Sports Radio Boston - Relaunch! It's been a while but we are back and with a special purpose! It is our intent and with the help of the Sporting group at UNregular Radio and the  UR Business Network Sports Radio Boston is sure we keep up with the local, regional and national sports market. Sports Radio Boston  accepts all Blogger reviews for consideration as well as aggregating and sharing content to ensure our visitors are well informed on sporting news. A whole new way to promote … [Read more...]

Sports Radio Boston News – Chad Finn Attempts to Sort Out Boston Radio Call Letter Mayhem

ESPN Radio’s Boston affiliate set to sign off By Chad Finn Globe Staff ESPN Radio’s Boston affiliate, WAMG-AM 890, will go off the air Monday after four years plagued by a weak signal and limited local programming. But ESPN, the powerhouse sports network, may not lack an outlet in the Boston market for long. According to multiple industry sources, ESPN is in discussions to air some of its national programming on WEEI-AM 850 during nights and weekends, with WEEI intending … [Read more...]

Sports Radio Boston News – WRKO on the Way OUT???

Entercommies Ditching WRKO? by Brian Maloney, September 1st, 2009 at 04:53pm It’s no secret that Entercom CEO David Field and talk radio go together like oil and water. With his white guilt-based fringe political views, conservative news-talk listeners probably seem like they’re from Mars. We also know that his family’s embattled company isn’t afraid to shed its talk outlets when other firms show an interest in acquiring them. This occurred in Seattle not too long ago, when KIRO … [Read more...]

Sports Radio News – Boston Broadcast Media Favorites – Damon Amendolara & Tedy Bruschi

‘New kid’ aces his homework By Chad Finn Globe Staff / September 4, 2009 Damon Amendolara isn’t even a full month into his gig as the weeknight host on “98.5 The Sports Hub,’’ and already he has proven this to be true: An unfamiliar voice who makes an effort to be deeply knowledgeable about his subject matter is a considerably more appealing option than a familiar voice that does not. In a media market in which name recognition too often trumps competence, Amendolara, a 30-year-old … [Read more...]

Sports Radio Boston News – Bleacher Report – Brady Hurt? Brady OK?

Fear Not Patriots' Fans, Brady To Moss Is Okay Courtesy of Bleacher Report: CLICK HERE by Andrew THE RUINER Cahill (Columnist) Written on August 29, 2009 Andrew THE RUINER Cahill Columnist 45 articles written 1314 comments written 132 fans View Profile Send a Message (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images) So basically everyone now is hearing about how Tom Brady was "hurt" last night by Albert Haynesworth … [Read more...]