Jason Robins of Draft Kings Is On This Episode Of Brand Café.

Jason Robins of Draft Kings is talking fantasy leagues on Brand Café with Dr. Pam Brill and Mike Cameron.   Fantasy leagues of every sport were once an activity for the sports dorks. It would, generally, be a bunch of friends, getting together weeks before the start of the season, and "draft" players to form their own teams that they would follow with the obsession of a stalking, jilted lover to win their leagues. Now, everyone and their dog is in a league! As fantasy leagues have … [Read more...]

Sports Radio Boston – MLB Network Analyst – Sean Casey

Casey on the case for MLB His friendly style fits new network By Chad Finn Globe Staff / August 21, 2009 The Red Sox, laboring behind the Yankees and locked in a wild-card battle with the upstart Rangers and lurking Rays, have made their fans sweat during the dog days of August. So perhaps it’s wise to turn to a cooler head - one just a season removed from being a true insider - to put the club in perspective. “Aw, c’mon, you never count out the Red … [Read more...]

Sports Radio Boston News – NESN

Courtesy of: Sports Media -  Boston Globe NESN coverage goes with flow By Chad Finn Globe Staff / July 31, 2009 It will be tough to duplicate the frenzied drama leading up to last season’s Major League Baseball trading deadline, when the Red Sox dealt enigmatic slugger Manny Ramirez in the final moments before the 4 p.m. cutoff and NESN’s live coverage of the … [Read more...]