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Terrell Owens broke the news about Aaron Maybin signing with the Bills on Twitter. By Amy Moritz - NEWS SPORTS REPORTER It might be the ego. It might be for fun. It might be the best way to disseminate information, or attract and retain fans or launch a new marketing campaign in the brave new digital world. But if you've been around any type of media outlet — traditional types of newspapers, television and radio or ones in the cyberworld — you've heard about the growing phenomenon … [Read more...]

Boston Sports Radio – Red Sox Nation Betrayed?

The Red Sox Nation, Betrayed By CHARLES McGRATH  - Article Courtesy of:  New York Times SUCH is the gloomy, guilt-ridden New England conscience that within hours after a report that Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz had tested positive for steroid use in 2003, Red Sox fans were already feeling miserable again. By 6 on Friday morning, the lines at the sports radio station WEEI, Boston’s equivalent of New York’s WFAN, were jammed with breast-beating callers, phoning in to say that the Sox … [Read more...]