Dennis and Callahan add a Young Gun!

Kirk Minihane Joins Morning Sports Talk WEEI So the name just has to's not longer D & C  right?  Enter new blood to resuscitate the ailing show - it seems obvious that since the voluntary departure of Jon  Meterparel  in October the show is on an attrition slide that even an FM signal can't stop. The Dennis and Callahan show has drifted over the years it's stale and uninspired;   the early morning choice for sports radio is the imaginative and fresh Toucher and Rich at The Sports … [Read more...]

Boston Sports Review Radio Show

Boston Sports Review Radio Show The landscape of Sports Radio is changing internationally,nationally, regionally and locally. What's going on? The path to the airways is getting easier.  The growth of satellite  and online radio Vs the diminishing role of  traditional terrestrial radio have made innovators, entrepreneurs and fans radio friendly. UNregular Radio out of Boston is a pioneer in the internet broadcast space.  Here is where  The Boston Sports Review lives and breathes. … [Read more...]