Sports Radio Boston – Now We’re Talking! – Red Sox

Sports Radio Boston - V Martinez! Way to go boys!  Now that's what we want to see...while Sports Radio Talk buries Ortiz and continually barrage JD with negativity or all apologies - f#@king gag me. They each participate in a much needed 9th inning comeback W !! But The story is of course V Martinez!! So today we will of course hear about how none of the on air talent had buried Papi or Drew..yadda yadda yadda.. - I'd rather hear Trupiano and Hardy talk about Philly Vick all day … [Read more...]

Sports Radio Boston – “SRB” – Friday Funk – Twitter is our Friend!

SI Swimsuit Photos Leaked ( ?) on Twitter... Yes we the creators of SRB  are in fact geeks who happen to like sports, tweets and girls! We came across some fun pics to share - so those who find Twitter an utter waste of time we don't mind sharing... and we are just getting started! Enjoy and happy Friday ! Mystery Rookie SI model! And some new stuff from Bar Rafaeli! ( really what's left for Leo to conquer and why leave this behind- pun intended! For PGA fans all over the … [Read more...]