Amherst and Williams College both advance in Tourney

    Go here for Women's LAX Division 111 Tournament Update!  Read here for more details on both Amherst College and Williams College Lacrosse teams are they both advance to weekend matches in the 3rd round of NCAA Division 3 Tournament.     … [Read more...]

Guide to MLB’s Expanded Instant Replay Rules

When the 2014 Major League Baseball regular season officially begins for most teams Sunday and Monday (the Los Angeles Dodgers swept the Arizona Diamondbacks in Australia last week), fans, players and managers will notice a significant expansion of the use of instant replay.  New rules, approved unanimously by owners in January, detail the plays subject to review, and how a review would be initiated and conducted.  This entry is intended to serve as a guide for understanding the new … [Read more...]

Sports Shorts Rundown with Stephen Norman

Stephen Norman runs down the night ahead in Boston and current trending topics in today's Sports. Today's topics Celts, Bruins, MLB hot stove and Raymond Felton. Click here to check out the video.   … [Read more...]

Jamie Reidy of Sports Year Is On This Episode of The Business Side of Sports

  Going to 365 sporting events in 365 days is almost every sport s fans’ dream. Jamie Reidy is living this.   If you have read his book “Love And Other Drugs” or seen the movie of the same name, you would know Jamie’s life is full of “interesting” stories, and this journey is of no surprise. But even moreseo, Jamie is not just doing it for the experience, but he plans to take as many of the nation’s Wounded Warriors along with him. As a veteran himself, he wants to give … [Read more...]

Sports Museum – New Balance Shows Support!

Sports Museum Boston

New Balance renews sponsorship deal with Sports Museum What great news and a good fit too - The Sports Museum is a tremendous organization and a wonderful local and national attraction for sports enthusiasts - Boston has a tremendous sports history The Sports Museum covers it all - they are also involved in a number of charitable events and support the local sports scene in many ways - We are happy to see New Balance support this great organization! The following is Sourced,Aggregated … [Read more...]

Dennis and Callahan add a Young Gun!

Kirk Minihane Joins Morning Sports Talk WEEI So the name just has to's not longer D & C  right?  Enter new blood to resuscitate the ailing show - it seems obvious that since the voluntary departure of Jon  Meterparel  in October the show is on an attrition slide that even an FM signal can't stop. The Dennis and Callahan show has drifted over the years it's stale and uninspired;   the early morning choice for sports radio is the imaginative and fresh Toucher and Rich at The Sports … [Read more...]

Let’s Show Support for Rich!

-Rich Shertenlieb For years I have been entertained by the Toucher and Rich Show.  When they first came on the scene on WBCN i was a doubting Thomas and thought ahhh another Opie and Anthony- Stern wannabe show - I stuck with them and found I resonated with the direction they took their program in the local flavor was of course one of the more attractive benefits at first.  I was hooked on the banter the shenanigans even Andolfo had a certain charm about him.   I was worried about the show … [Read more...]

Sports Media Boston – Is it Terrible?

The Business of Sports in Boston- Media Personalities In a recent article in Boston Magazine posted below - The sports media personalities in this town were taken to task. I have to agree with a lot of what was put out there - there is definitely some sort of entitled hierarchy that keeps some of the younger and worthy locally devoted up and coming from advancing here in their home state - so they move on and out.... I take in a lot of sports talk radio, CNNNE, NESN and Sportscenter - … [Read more...]

Glen Ordway Out of WEEI-

Sports Radio Pioneer Hey Glenn - We admire you longevity in the market - not only that but there is no doubt that you are a pioneer in Boston Sports Radio.  Talking sports radio legendary status with the likes of Guy Manila " Calling All Sports" and Eddie Andleman  " The Sports Huddle" is a big deal and Glenn you are a big deal!   We are certain you will resurface given  your industry knowledge and notoriety we can't see you ready for the glue factory just yet.  You will be missed but as … [Read more...]