The MLB is Heating up, Derek Jeter’s Legacy, Prospective Trades, and Relocating NFL teams, all this week on Spadora on Sports

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Pete speaks with his guests about the second half of ┬áthe MLB season, including the disillusioning Red Sox and Yankees. Also, Pete and Dan discuss moving the Oakland Raiders to Los Angeles. On the NBA front, there have been plenty of transactions, and they’re addressed on the show.

NFL analyst John Brockway weighs in on Roger Goodell’s pressuring the Raiders to play in the 49ers stadium or build a new one. He also shares his opinions of international expansion teams, and the problems that could arise. Additionally, Chicago’s name has been thrown into hat for host cities for the NFL draft.

Kurt Smith, NASCAR analyst, joins the show to discuss the recent decrease in popularity of professional racing. Also, Pete and Kurt address the world of military recruiting as it intertwines with NASCAR. Lastly, Kurt analyzes and preview the upcoming big races.

Alex Reimer, Boston Red Sox analyst, shares his thoughts about the “mediocrity” in the MLB, and why the teams need to improve. He also addresses the Red Sox trade deadline situation, and their position as either a buyer or seller. Reimer attacks the Red Sox’s hitting as the reason for their unimpressive 2014.

John Simone, MLB expert, calls in and explains why he has never been a Derek Jeter fan. Matt Kemp’s agent recently made waves in saying that Kemp should be traded if he cannot get every-day playing time in Los Angeles, and Simone analyzes that situation, as well as the current trade market in the MLB.

New York Yankees analyst, Bryan Revello, joins the show to remember Derek Jeter’s legacy, and adamantly supports Jeter as a baseball great, who made the Yankees significantly better. He also shares some uncensored thoughts about the Yankees’ season, and where they are heading.

Chris VanDyke of talks fantasy baseball on this week’s show, and the trade deadline’s implications to fantasy baseball.