Talking About The Red Sox Start Of The 2014 Season On Without A Curse.

Listen to Alex talk the sox season and other happenings here.

On this episode of Without A Curse, Alex breaks down the Sox and their disconcerting start to the season. There are reasons that can explain the slow start, giving hope to the rest of the season. Besides, they’re THE DEFENDING WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS, for crying out loud!

John Lester’s contract talks also comes up in this episode. Thanks to the Dodgers giving their left-handed ace Clayton Kershaw a record setting $215 million dollar contract for seven years, the water has risen for the other pitchers in the league to cash in. Because of this, there is tension throughout the front offices of the league, and in particular between the Red Sox and Lester. Alex, breaks it down and gives his insights on what should be done.

Listen  to the full podcast as he also touches on Major League Baseball’s fumbling of instant reply, and more!  Go here for the episode.