Spyda Of Streetball Evolution Is On The Business Side Of

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spydaSpyda formerly of And1 Mix Tape is on this episode of The Business Side of Sports, talking about his latest project; Streetball Evolution.

He, along with everyone on the And1 Mix Tape Tour, were blindsided by the sudden abandonment of the Tour when And1 was bought out. They all thought they were going to be a new type of Harlem Globetrotters, or at the very least they would have careers in some capacity with the once popular apparel line. That wasn’t the case.

Because of the sudden transition, Spyda was unprepared and even went through a period of depression. He didn’t let this keep him down, rather he has now started Streetball Evolution.

Streetball Evolution brings the athleticism and entertainment that the And1 Mix Tape Tour did, but they want to impact the community. Their purpose is to help bring awareness of mental illness in the community and provide a safe place to seek that help. They even plan to run mini-camps and take families on grocery shopping sprees!

Go here to listen to Spydas story on The Business Side Of Sports.