Spadora on Sports discusses U.S. soccer, MLB transactions, NFL training camp battles, college football, and much more.

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The United States’ men’s national team is making a deep World Cup run, and Pete and Dan discuss it. Additionally, Tiger Woods’ recent play is addressed on this week’s episode of Spadora on Sports.

John Brockway joins the show to discuss his ranking of the best cornerbacks in the NFL. Darrelle Revis and Richard Sherman are both in the running for number one, who will it be? The guys discuss player matchups to watch in training camp, such as the Vikings situation. They also address professional athletes on social media.

Associated Press writer and author, Fred Frommer, comes on to discuss his recent writing about a historic season from the Washington Senators.

Joey Lucci talks with the guys about college football. They weigh in on the upcoming NCAA football season, and teams to watch.  gives his team rankings, and number one surprises Pete.

John Simone, MLB analyst and show regular, joins the guys to discuss the current happenings in the MLB, touching upon everything from Mike Trout’s power to the New York Mets’ incessant misfortune. Also with MLB, fantasy expert, JB Gilpin, is on the phone to discuss fantasy baseball, and fantasy implications of ground-breaking trades.