Spadora on Sports: Boxing, Kentucky Derby, NFL Draft, much more.

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This week, Pete and Dan preview the fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Marcos Maidana, as well as the 140th Kentucky Derby.

Racing analyst Mike Amo joins the show to give his Kentucky Derby predictions, and analyze the race matchup. Does he think California Chrome will take this Derby? Amo goes into detail about the odds and chances for this race.

John Brockway, NFL analyst, shares his insight about the NFL draft coming up in five days.

John, Pete, and Dan discuss the potential number-one pick. Clowney, Manziel, and Bortles’ names are all tossed around. The New York Jets and Giants are both subject to criticism, as the teams have some gaping holes entering the draft. Brockway outlines team needs and areas to address going into the draft.

Criminal defense and sports attorney, Reid Hart, is on the phone to discuss an active week in sports legality issues. Hart addresses Donald Sterling’s lifetime ban and $2.5 million fine. Hart puts a professional spin on the situation, and speaks about California’s phone recording law. Additionally, they discuss the odd story about Jameis Winston shoplifting food. Hart explains the essence of a “civil citation” and how that can effect Winston.

 Chris Donnelly, author of “How The Yankees Explain New York,” joins the show to explain his view as to why the Yankees are so popular, and tries to break down the immense popularity of the Yankees among celebrities.

Joe Yerdon writes for Pro Hockey Talk, and is a guest on this week’s episode. Yerdon analyzes the NHL playoffs, and lauds the Montreal Canadiens. He also addresses the influx of racially offensive tweets from Boston’s fan base over twitter.

John Simone joins the show to speak on all things sports, including the upcoming boxing match. Simone anticipates Clayton Kershaw’s return, and projects how he finishes his season. He also speaks on the impact of Bryce Harper’s thumb injury, and how long that will sideline him.

Bryan Revello joins the show again and talks about the Yankees’ six-hour game, and the competitiveness of the American League East. Revello also explains the impactful injuries to the Yankees’ lineup.