Playoff Picture: The NHL and NBA playoffs are beginning, all that and much more on this episode of Spadora on Sports

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On this episode of Spadora on Sports, Pete talks about the NBA Playoffs, and the NHL playoff picture. There’s NFL and MLB talk, as some familiar guests call in.

John Brockway makes an appearance, as the guys remember Earl Morrall, who passed away this week. Additionally, they talk about Cam Newton’s contract situation, and when he will need to re-sign. Colin Kaepernick has been involved in legal issues, and Brockway gives the inside scoop on that.

Josh Ostergaard, MLB historian and author, joins the show to bring an interesting perspective about game rainouts and delays. Ostergaard digs to uncover statistics about games that were rained out, and therefore never counted.

Lexicon Communications Corporation CEO, Steve Fink, relates his business experience in the area of crisis management to professional sports. Pete relates crisis communications to events in sports, such as the Sandusky scandal at Penn State. Fink offers his perspective on crisis communications in sports.

John Simone joins the show as an MLB insider to discuss the presence of pine tar and external substances during the game. Michael Pineda’s suspension for using pine tar sparks a conversation about the usage of pine tar by pitchers during a game.

Yankees analyst, Bryan Rovello, gives his thoughts about Michael Pineda’s suspension and the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry. Rovello shares his opinion about the Yankees’ starting rotation, including a disappointing season from Hiroki Kuroda.

Pete brings on an NBA analyst to discuss the NBA playoffs. They are surprised by the skills from unsuspecting players. Also, the transaction front, the guys talk about NBA coaching changes, including the Mike D’Antoni situation.