Paul Mathieson Talks Peak Performance As A Former World Class Squash Player On In The Zone.

Listen to Paul Mathieson talk about his time as an world class squash player and the importance of mental training on his performance on this episode of In The Zone.


Former professional squash player, and current squash professional for Dover Squash and Fitness, Paul Mathieson talks about peak performance on In The Zone.

paul mathiesonPaul is from England, where squash is more prominent, and he talks about his experience being one of the world’s best. He also touches on the differences of how important the mental training side of sport is over there as compared to over here, where it has been growing, but still behind our European counterparts.

The discussion they have about peak performance and elite level of sport is fascinating! Listen in as Paul Mathieson, Dr. Pam Brill, and Nathan Roman talk about getting In The Zone, here.