Nick Krause Of The US National Ski Team Is On The Business Side Of Sports.

Nick Krause of the United States Men’s Ski Team talks his experience, his goals, and European shinanigans with Stephen and Nathan on this episode of The Business Side of Sports.

NicholasKrause-110x150Being on the US Ski Team is an honor that most skiers dream to get on. You need true talent, the drive to work hard everyday, and the resources to achieve this dream. Nick Krause is an athlete that has made the team and working to make his dream of skiing on the Olympic Team come true.

Nick doesn’t come from one of the traditional ski towns in America, but he is a member of the US Men’s Ski Team. Right out of high school he earned a spot on the D-Team and has worked to rapidly get into the C-Team. Though he may not be on the team that is currently in Sochi, he gets to still work with them as he shoots for his goal of skiing in South Korea in 2016. To make that happen he needs your support.

Listen to this episode of The Business Side Of Sports with Nick Krause, here.