NFL Training Camp Opens, The MLB Races Heat up, and NBA Free Agents Sign, all that and more this week.

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Pete and Dan discuss the recent openings of NFL training camps, Johnny Manziel’s recent statements about his off-the-field behavior, and touch upon Evel Knievel Days in Montana. As always, they have their guests on, and discuss the recent happenings in the sports world with them.

John Brockway, NFL analyst, weighs in on the busy NFL. Johnny Manziel addressed his off-the-field distractions, and Brockway criticizes the Browns for their acting surprised. Additionally, Ray Rice was just suspended for two games, but is that enough? The guys talk about restructuring contracts, as well as career longevity. John’s blog is now on

College football expert, Joey Lucci, addresses the influx of issues surrounding recruiting high school players. Is the NCAA overstepping their jurisdiction? Or are colleges taking recruiting tactics too far? Lucci also explains the situation in Texas, as players are being dismissed from the team for violating team rules and expectations. Lucci gives his predictions for the 2014 college football season, including how Florida State and Alabama will look.

John Simone, MLB analyst, joins the show to discuss everything baseball. They cover the MLB Hall of Fame’s class of 2014, and the legacy of the inductees, including Billerica, MA’s own, Tom Glavine. Also, Yasiel Puig recently hit three triples in a single game, which is an (almost) unprecedented feat. Simone also addresses the logjam of outfielders in Los Angeles, and where players could go at the trade deadline. The guys also discuss the close races in the NL & AL East divisions.

Bryan Revello, New York Yankees analyst, joins the show with a positive attitude as the Yankees have recently improved their record despite disheartening injuries. The Yankees also have made trades that are starting to pan out, and Revello weighs in on those.

John Tytell, NBA analyst, speaks with Dan and Pete, as the NBA is in the midst of a free-agent frenzy. Tytell addresses the decisions of LeBron, Carmelo, Chris Bosh, and Pau Gasol. The guys also talk about the new rookies, and how the summer league is going for them.

JB Gilpin, writer for, was on Sportscenter! He joins the show to talk fantasy baseball. This segment includes analysis of the looming trade deadline, and how transactions can impact a fantasy team. Gilpin also addresses recently surging players such as Denard Span, who could be advantageous to your lineup. Also, with injuries so prevalent in the MLB, Gilpin gives some names of players who could replace injured stars.