NBA and NHL Playoffs are in full swing, the NFL draft’s conclusion, Shane Victorino’s biographer, and much more on Spadora on Sports

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Pete and Dan discuss the Heat and Nets series, the NHL playoffs, the NFL draft, and much more on this week’s episode of Spadora on Sports.

John Brockway joins the show as they analyze, in depth, the NFL draft. Derek Carr was drafted by Oakland, and Brockway lauds the selection. Additionally, with the Texans’ selection of Jadeveon Clowney, just how dominant is their defensive line? Johnny Manziel was selected in the first round, and the guys discuss his prospects of starting this season.

Pete invites on Al Maimon, who wrote a biography “The Flyin’ Hawaiian” of Shane Victorino. Victorino was diagnosed with ADHD at a young age, and this book depicts Victorino’s experiences with ADHD.

Brett Forrest joins the show to discuss his book, “The Big Fix,” which deals with the fixing of soccer games around the world. He shares insight about how the manipulation of soccer matches impacts the credibility of the game in other countries.

Lou Guzzi brings his golf knowledge on the show once again and talks about putting, and how to control your putts using techniques such as reading the green. Guzzi, the 2013 PGA teacher of the year, addresses the most common problems facing amateur golfers.

Cody Lombard, an intern at the show, joins the discussion talking about 2014 Mother’s Day. Cody, a rising freshman at SUNY-Oswego, talks about his plans for the future and his aspiring career in broadcast and coaching.

John Simone adds to the show with baseball talk, touching upon Babe Ruth’s career, as the 100th anniversary of Ruth’s starting his career is this year. The guys discuss classic baseball, and “the greats.” Bryan Revello joins the show to add Yankees discussion, including Joe Torre’s number being retired.