Nathan Roman and Stephen Norman Talk Salary Cap On The Business Side Of Sports.

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The front office of your favorite team determines their success today and the coming years. Even if they’re fired, the decisions that got them canned affect the team long after they’re gone. One of the issues GMs have to navigate to keep their job, as well as the team healthy, is the salary cap.

nfl_money_logo2The salary cap for any league is meant as a measure to not let certain franchises runaway with all the talent. It uses certain variables to determine what the cap should be, and crossing this means financial consequences for the teams in violation. This boundary is what keeps many teams from stockpiling talent to try to win. In theory, this is nice, but is implementing a socialist ideal amongst billionaire owners the most effective way to bring parity?

Listen as Nathan and Stephen go over the cap regulations for the NBA and NFL, and they give their takes on how it affects their favorite teams. You can access the full episode here.