Nathan Roman and Stephen Norman RANT On This Episode Of The Business Side Of Sports.

Listen to Nathan and Stephen RANT here.

As sports fans we are allowed to be passionate about the teams and sports we worship. Whether it’s our hometown teams, or the Cowboys/Lakers/Yankees/Manchester United of the sports world that we jump on the bandwagon because we LOVE winners, we all have opinions about them. We are NOT  a quite bunch.

In this episode of The Business Side Of Sports, Nathan and Stephen go off on a few different issues in the world of sports.

The NBA All Star Weekend just passed and they give their insight and impassioned opinions on everything from the Celebrity Game to the Slam Dunk Contest to the actual All Star Game itself. Luckily for you, Nathan and Stephen throw in THEIR two cents on the whole debacle.

The guys also touch on the NFL, Roger Goodell’s Nero type reign, and a Cuban baseball player using a bat to swing for the fences, trying to land a pitcher’s head into the deep left field seats. Yeah.