MLB trade deadline, NFL Hall of Fame class of 2015, and much more this week on Spadora on Sports

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Pete and the producers are joined in studio by Big Mike, the Colonel, who recently returned from Afghanistan. They discuss the NFL Hall of Fame inductions, the MLB trade deadline, Paul George’s injury, the Buffalo Bills’ future, and much more this week on Spadora on Sports.

John Brockway joins the sh0w, as the NFL Hall of Fame in Canton recently welcomed their class of 2014. Brockway reflects on the legacy of some inductees, and addresses the making of history, as Ray Guy becomes the first punter in the HOF. Brockway also weighs in on Johnny Manziel’s training camp performance so far. John also addresses training camp performances from around the league, as preseason games will commence soon. Check out John’s blog on

Jim Bruton, author and Minnesota Vikings expert, comes on to talk Vikings football. Bruton analyzes the recent deal given to current tight end Kyle Rudolph, and Teddy Bridgewater’s potential for 2014.

NASCAR analyst, Kurt Smith, speaks with Pete and the guys about up-and-coming drivers who could jump on the scene and emerge as one of the next best racers. The Pocono Raceway is now home to a race in the Sprint Cup Series, and Smith analyzes the progress of that race, and which drivers could fare the best in the future.

John Simone, MLB analyst, is a guest on the show in wake of a significantly active trade deadline. Simone offers his thoughts about the Red Sox’s yard sale, and their thoughts behind that. Additionally, he reveals the most shocking trade of this year’s trade deadline. Simone also discusses trades that should have been made, and how the New York Mets could pan out in 2015.

Bryan Revello, Yankees expert, discusses recent Yankees news with the guys, including Derek Jeter. Also, the Red Sox and Yankees made their first trade since 1997 at the 2014 trade deadline. Revello offers his thoughts surrounding Derek Jeter’s last game, and what monetary value a ticket to his last game may have, as well as baseballs, cards, etc. Bryan also has a blog at

MLB historian, Harvey Frommer, shares his knowledge on the show as they reflect upon the Black Sox scandal and Shoeless Joe Jackson. Frommer’s insight to sports history is certainly shown on this episode, as he reveals his opinions on the classic MLB story of Shoeless Joe Jackson and the Black Sox scandal.