Mike Plansky of Loyola Recovery Foundation Is On The Business Side Of Sports With Nathan Roman And Stephen Norman.

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Mike PlanskySports is more than just entertainment. For many of us, sports allow us to exercise, be competitive, and for many, to recover from some of the traumas of life.

Mike Plansky is the New England regional manager of Loyola Recovery Foundation. They serve our country’s Wounded Warriors, helping them assimilate back into their communities, addressing the pressing issues that plague them. From depression, to post traumatic stressed disorder (PTSD), to even the reality of substance abuse issues. At Loyola Recovery, they have set up the necessary community and provide the resources for our veterans to get the support they need to thrive.

Mike is a former basketball player, and has coached through out college, and along with using his experiences in supporting the student athlete to building the infrastructure to support the veterans Loyola Recovery serves. They are using innovative ways from technology to using mixed martial arts training to help veterans thrive.

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