Jimmy Young Talks Super Bowl On The Business Side of Sports With Nathan Roman and Stephen Norman

Jimmy Young is talking predictions and the economic benefits New York will see with Nathan and Stephen.


Jimmy Young   It’s Super Bowl week and on this episode of The Business Side of Sports tackle topics on the field and off with Jimmy Young.  Jimmy who has and long extensive back ground in television and sports broadcasting, including his time at New England Cable news, The Boston Globe and his own organization Young Broadcasters of America. On this episode he shares his wisdom on the spectacle that is the most watched television event of the year.

Denver or Seattle? Peyton or Sherman? Skittles or…whatever Denver likes to consume for fun.  Jimmy talks with the boys about his predictions from the summer and where he stands today.  They touch on Peyton’s great year, how Met Life’s stadium design will play a factor, and the awesomeness that is Richard Sherman. For kicks and giggles they even throw in their predictions for the game. Listen in, then bet the other way.

While the excitement is on the field, there’s plenty of action going on off, as well.

Depending on whom you talk to, the Super Bowl will generate between $50million to $500million dollars for the city of New York. Studies conducted by Robert Baade of Lake Forest University in Illinois to looking at the tax revenue in 2005 in Jacksonville (that year’s Super Bowl host) have shown a negligible increase of monies coming in due to the Super Bowl. The NFL would say otherwise. This year they estimate New York City will see an influx in upwards of $500million. (Source: CBS New York, 2014)

The Super Bowl is America’s biggest event. More eyeballs are on this than anything else in the year, and the buzz and money it generates is unmatched by any other sporting event America has to offer. While who wins matters, if New York City is able to grab a piece of the NFL money pie they may be the real winners.