Jason Robins of Draft Kings Is On This Episode Of Brand Café.

Jason Robins of Draft Kings is talking fantasy leagues on Brand Café with Dr. Pam Brill and Mike Cameron.


jason-robinsFantasy leagues of every sport were once an activity for the sports dorks. It would, generally, be a bunch of friends, getting together weeks before the start of the season, and “draft” players to form their own teams that they would follow with the obsession of a stalking, jilted lover to win their leagues. Now, everyone and their dog is in a league!

As fantasy leagues have become accepted in society it has become a big time business. Not only big names like ESPN and Yahoo! host leagues, there are sites devoted to the analyst of players for everyone to make educated decisions week in and week out. Draft Kings is one of the best at this!

Jason Robins is CEO and founder of Draft Kings. He explains how Draft Kings helps take care of a lot of the logistics, such as fees and payouts, that almost every league has to deal with. It has positioned itself as a hub of fantasy league for making your fantasy teams fun!

Go here to listen as Jason Robins of Draft Kings talks fantasy leagues on Brand Café.