Ed And Donna Cavanagh Of Possession Points with Nathan Roman On The Business Side Of Sports


POSSESSIONPOINTS.COM Real Facts and Stats for NFL Fans - Possession Points


From Moneyball to the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, data has taken a prominent role in sports.  Front office leadership, coaches, and fans are using data to be better cosumers of sport. They use various statistics and algorithms to understand what is going on and build a narrative of what our eyes may not be able to catch. Possession Points is one such tool for NFL games.

Possession Points is the brainchild of Ed and Donna Cavanagh. Its aim is to assess which team has the ball and optimizes this to score, and which team does not. This is set up for real time feedback (i.e., as you watch the game and use Possession Points you will see its assessment adjust for every possession). Whether you are a coach or someone looking for another way to view the game, Possession Points will give you a new perspective to watching your favorite sport.

To learn more about this revolutionary tool to asses NFL games, listen here.