Dr. Marc Moramarco of Moramarco Chiropractic Office Is On The Business Side Of Sports With Nathan Roman


When you hear “chiropractor” you have one of two reactions; you either think it’s a charlatan’s profession, or it’s the greatest thing to happen to your body. It’s a truly polarizing profession. Dr. Marc Maramarco’s clients of elite high school athletes to professional football players will agree with the latter.

Dr. Maramarco has done more than just  “crack backs” with elite athletes in the Boston area. His use of cutting edge techonology, mixed with proven methods adapted from the best Europe has to offer, has made him the premier chiropractor in the area. He is also certified in the Schroth Method, specializing in scoliosis.

To hear more about Dr. Maramarco’s story, listen here on The Business Side Of Sports.