Bobb Hopkins of Super Chief Films Is On The Business Side of Sports with Nathan Roman

Bobb Hopkins

The National Football League is also known as the “Not For Long” league within the NFL circles. It’s a brutal sport that can decimate even Adonis, but even moreso, as a professional football player, the competition for playing time is even more intense. You may be drafted, and be a backup, but that doesn’t guarantee a long career in the league.  What do you do after that? Go to Hollywood.

Bobb Hopkins’ football career peaked as “Broadway” Joe Naimath’s backup for the New York Jets. After his time in The League, he used his degree and became an accountant. That didn’t do it for  him.

Bobb needed something more than a desk job, so he moved to Hollywood.  He started his career as an actor, having roles on numerous hits such as “Knight Rider,” “Airwolf,” and “CHiPS.” Now he runs his own production company-Super Chief Films-making movies, TV shows, and commercials.

Listen to his true Hollywood story from sports to entertainment, here.