Boston Sports Review Radio Show

Boston Sports Review Radio Show

The Boston Sports Review Radio Show with Chris Findlen, Coley Michalik, Barney and Bradford streaming live on MEOW  Monday and Wednesday on UNRegular Radio

The landscape of Sports Radio is changing internationally,nationally, regionally and locally.

What’s going on?

The path to the airways is getting easier.  The growth of satellite  and online radio Vs the diminishing role of  traditional terrestrial radio have made innovators, entrepreneurs and fans radio friendly.

UNregular Radio out of Boston is a pioneer in the internet broadcast space.  Here is where  The Boston Sports Review lives and breathes.  Devoid of the FCC shackles the show offers a no holds barred non-commercial perspective on the world of Boston Sports.

Tuesdays and Thursdays 2:00pm-5:00pm EST on MEOW

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The Boston Sports Review is a bi-weekly wrap up of all things Boston, sports, and beyond. We have been on the air now for almost three years. The show started off on the AM dial in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, before moving to the glorious city of Boston, Massachusetts where we really took off. If the NFL is considered to be our core, then controversy is our middle name. And that controversy has even gotten us in trouble more times than one could remember. Thanks to the genius’ at UNregular Radio we have taken over their air waves every Tuesday and Thursday from 2:00 P.M. to 5:00 PM. What we can promise is bringing our passion to each and every show, which is UNcensored and raw sports talk.

Host Chris Findlen has an obvious talent for what he does. He is a consumate host who knows how to control the tempo of the conversation and lead each show with professionalism. At one point in time, Chris had been dubbed by Bob Lobel  as “the next big thing in broadcasting.” For the most part, Chris has been proving Lobel right ever since. Chris has been the true mainstay of the show as all of the ancillary pieces around him have seemed to change more quickly than the seasons.

Since March, however, the cast has been relatively consistent.

Producer Coley Michalik is your run of the mill, unabashed Bostonian homer. He attended UMass-Amherst after growing up in Roslindale, Massachusetts his entire life.  No, he did not graduate, but we don’t hold that against him too often. Although Coley has been around since the summer of 2011, he remains the newest member of the show. He recently became a member of the sacred fraternity known as “The Producers of The Boston Sports Review.” Since February, the show had run through three producers before Coley was named to the position in October. Since he joined the BSR, he has never picked against a New England sports team ONE time while on air. If that isn’t consistent, we don’t know what is.

Matthew “Barnabus” Lee is our stunt man and our lightening bolt. Dating back to his bullying days in High School, Barny Lee has always been known to get a rise out of people with his curt and snide remarks. And that’s exactly what he brings to the show as he constantly gets our weather man and producer riled up with his Tom Brady bashing and bullish attitude. The notorious “telephone tough guy” and his erroneous perspectives bring a unique edge to the show. Occassionally, Barny will grace us with an internet stunt. Something along the lines of “The Cinnamon Challenge.” Which always turns into comedic gold.

Speaking of erroneous perspectives, you never know what will come out of the mouth of our chief meteorologist, stand up comedian, and poet lauriet Bradford Kron. Bradford has been with the show since the beginning and if you listen you will realize that there is no one quite like Bradford. He shoots from the hip, speaks his mind, and always provides outrageous radio. Bradford is the star of the show and arguably the biggest star who has ever crossed the threshold into the realm of UNRegular Radio. Bradford is a man of many talents and our host Chris knows how to utilize each and every one of them much like Bill Belichick knows how to manipulate the skills of each and every player on his roster. Bradford is Chris’ Julian Edelmen: You never know where he’ll be coming from, and he’s likely to catch a sexual assualt case at any given time.

The head writer on of the show is Bryan “Lil’ B” Doherty. Little B is also responsible for bringing Coley into the mix as the two “Altar Boys” attended High School together. While Doherty has spent the majority of the past two years studying away in Clemson, South Carolina, he remains an integral part of the show. The articles he pens on the corresponding blog of The Boston Sports Review rank among some of the best in the city. Lil’ B is also responsible for penning the majority of the content during the live shows. So if you have any complaints, or wish to send any of us an angry tirade, direct your hatred in his direction. I’m sure the sharp tongued Irish man will have a condescending retort ready to ruin your day.

So come check us The Boston Sports Review every Tuesday and Thursday at 2 P.M. on MEOW. You will not regret it, assuming you like fun. If you don’t like fun, we’re probably not the show for you.