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Toucher and Rich debut on The Sports Hub

August 17  – Ryan McAskill –

Toucher Rich WBCN 98.5 Sports Hub

Toucher - Rich - Sport Radio Boston

Fred Toucher (left) and Rich Shertenlieb; courtesy

Last Thursday 98.5 The Sports Hub made its debut as Boston’s first FM sports talk radio station but Toucher and Rich fans had to wait an extra day for the duo to premier on their new home.

The current morning show (6-10 a.m. on 98.5) on the Sports Hub, hosted by Fred Toucher and Rich Shertenlieb, made its debut Friday after three years on WBCN. Third chair Crash Clark and contributor Adolfo Gonzalez followed them down the dial.

Jon Wallach, the former sports flash guy from WEEI joins the show doing the Sports Hub Headlines every 20 minutes as well as chiming in from time to time during conversation.

Despite a month of constant on air spots advertising the switch and the pair talking about them moving down the dial there was still some confusion among followers of the show. The guys mentioned all the Facebook messages they were getting after WBCN signed off last week from fans saying how bad it was the they had gotten fired and that they would be missed.

With the change of format, there was much concern among fans that the show would undergo massive changes. So far that has not been the case. While the show is still working out some of the kinks of the switch, it still has everything that made it popular on WBCN.

Popular segments like the drunken Red Sox recap, Crash’s drunken antics and analysis of video bloggers have already made a return, while others like Dating on Demand and the Chili Guy are slated to air again.

With the new format have come some new segments. One that is sure to catch on is Pink Hat Trivia. Done muck like the Drunken Recap, Pink Hat Trivia has Adolfo going to Fenway Park to ask simple Red Sox trivia to “Pink Hat” fans. “Pink Hats” are a phenomenon from the last few years of female Red Sox fans that wear pink hats and know nothing about the Red Sox or the game of Baseball.

Listeners before the switch can expect a very similar show, just with more sports talk. New comers looking for sports talk will find it a welcome alternative to anything else available.

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