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Tiger Woods may have had the most expensive sex in history

Courtesy of:  Michael Essany

Tiger Woods may have had the most expensive sex in history

Tiger Woods may be at the center of an embarrassing media firestorm in the wake of a sex scandal that has destroyed the pro golfer’s once flawless reputation.

But Tiger Woods hasn’t even begun to “pay” for his transgressions.

As it becomes increasingly apparent that Elin Nordegren is preparing to divorce her philandering husband, some are estimating that a Tiger Woods divorce could cost the golfer much of his approximate $600 million net worth.

If a divorce ultimately manifests, Tiger Woods will have had the most expensive extra-marital sex in human history.

Although details of the couple’s prenuptial agreement are not known, prenups can be challenged, particularly in circumstances that extend beyond irreconcilable differences.

“Prenups can be challenged, but usually the vulnerability of a prenup will be procedural,” says University of Southern California family law professor Scott Altman tells the Los Angeles Times.

But if Elin “didn’t have reasonably good information when she signed it,” there’s a possibility that Tiger Woods could lose more than he may presently be expecting to cough up.

Divorce aside, the real financial pain to Tiger Woods will be realized by the loss of sponsors. On Friday, another major labels dropped the Tiger Woods brand. Luxury Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer is out of the “Woods.”

In recent weeks, both Gillette and Accenture have similarly distanced themselves from the embattled pro golfer.