Sports Radio News- WEEI Interview with Tom Brady – Show Me Where it Hurts Tommy

Pats QB Tom Brady on if his shoulder will allow him to play in the opener: “I’m certainly expecting that.”

Brady faceTom Brady just finished up his weekly interview with WEEI Radio, and this Monday’s edition was a little more action-pacted. Plenty of issues to discuss, including his ailing shoulder, his status for the Bills game, Tedy Bruschi’s impending retirement, and Kevin O’Connell being released.

But first, the guys from the Dennis & Callahan Show asked him about the opener and if he believes he’ll play.

I’m certainly expecting that,” Brady said. “It was fun to be out there last Friday night against a very talented team. The team palyed well in some aspects and in some ways, we still have plenty of room for improvement. As for my shoulder, I just fell awkwardly. Anytime a 350 pound man lands on you, most people would be a bit sore, which I was. A lot of players on the team have bumps and bruises and I have bumps and bruises. But I’m expecting to be out there.”

Brady said he’s looking forward to the prepration for this week’s exhibition game against the Giants and for gearing up for the Bills. While he said he’d love to play this week, that decision is up to coach Bill Belichick, “and traditionally he doesn’t let us play.”

We believe that Brady is out this week, but you can undertsand him saying what he did. As for making a definite prediction about his shoulder, he asked, “We don’t play for two weeks. What does it matter how confident I am? You wait for Sept. 14.”

There were a bunch of other topics addressed, so here is a rundown…

Brady, on that alleged conversation with Chad Ochocinco:Yeah, I don’t remember talking to him. I think Ochocinco can be a little bit evasive at times.”

brady one fingerBrady, on his first thoughts after Albert Haynesworth hit him:Damn, that guy was heavy. That’s what I was thinking. Albert Haynesworth is one of the best defensive lineman we play against. He kind of drifted a little bit, I think I drifted into him. He made a good play, and I just landed awkwardly on the ground. Coach made the decision at halftime, and that was the last time I was out there.”

Brady, on if he immediately freaked after the hit:I don’t think so. Last year, when I got hit (in the knee) — and this is going back a long way — I knew it was bad. The pain didn’t go away. It was a lot of trauma to that injured area, and it lasted for a long time. … I couldn’t avoid it, but there is an art to taking hits. Part of conditioning is to be strong and flexible to be able to withstand hits.”

Brady, on O’Connell’s release:We’ve been away from the team for 48 hours, and I haven’t talked to anybody, but you see the reports and if they’re true… I really enjoyed Kevin. He’s a great person, a very talented player, and it’s a very competitive position. Kevin worked very hard, and he does have a bright future. It’s really always tough this time of year when guys who you have a lot of respect for don’t end up being part of your roster.

Brady, on if he had an MRI or X-ray:I always rely on our doctors and trainers. It’s just part of getting hit. When you get hit, you get sore, and when you get sore in the shoulder, as a quarterback, you take a little precaution. It’s apparently, progressing, I’m confident. … I know when a 350-pound man falls on me, I can handle it. That gives me confidence.”

As for what Brady said about Bruschi… that needs its own entry.