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Sports Radio Boston – V Martinez!

tim sharp - AP

Way to go boys!  Now that’s what we want to see…while Sports Radio Talk buries Ortiz and continually barrage JD with negativity or all apologies – f#@king gag me. They each participate in a much needed 9th inning comeback W !!

But The story is of course V Martinez!!

So today we will of course hear about how none of the on air talent had buried Papi or Drew..yadda yadda yadda.. – I’d rather hear Trupiano and Hardy talk about Philly Vick all day long!

Jerry F#@king Trupiano COME ON !!

Great Score!!!

Now I’m wondering if we could create a local All Star team for Boston Sports Radio….Well we’d poach from WEEI and move them to the friggin FM dial where the signal rocks!  The Patriots move to FM was disruptively delicious !  Let’s take Holley to the FM dial !!!

Draft Holley to the FM Dial!michale holley - sports radio boston Draft Michael Holley to the FM Dial - 98.5 The Sports Hub!Marketing idea for 98.5 The Sports Hub

The Hub Hotties - Hub Hottnes - 98.5 The Sports Hub - Sports Radio BostonGet going on Sports Hub Hotties or Hub Hottness – Yep bring on the ladies! A Kentucky signal rolls out these ladies…lets go HUB!

Boston Sport Events needs more than water boys and girls..take it up a notch!  I’m sure with El Pres from Barstool in the mix…the flesh can’t be too far behind.

Late night NON SYNDICATED local show with an edge… give us some options please from national blowhards!!

Congrats on a great launch…!!!

AP photo – Rick Sharp – ( Victor Martinez, David Ortiz, Dustin Pedroia)