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Felger or The Big Show?

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Felger will once again attempt to win the ratings war against WEEI.

Talk radio is huge in Boston.  More specifically, sports radio is huge and the biggest contributor to that cause has been WEEI.  Is that all about to change?
Starting on Thursday, fans will be able to tune in to 98.5 FM and listen to “The Sports Hub.” is reporting the lineup from 2-6 will be Michael Felger and Tony Massarotti, while the midday show will pair Gary Tanguay and Scott Zolak.

I post this blog just to see where people’s heads are at.  Will you listen to Felger of the Big Show?  Will you listen to Tanguay or Dale & Holley?

My choice?  I like Felger alot.  He speaks his mind and the majority of the time I think he’s right.  He doesn’t hold back and definitely doesn’t slant his views to be from a Boston perspective only. I’m surprised by the Massarotti choice, but I’m not opposed. I’ll listen to Felger the majority of the time and tune in to WEEI to hear the Whiner Line.

As for the midday show, that is a tough call.  I’d lean towards Dale & Holley because I put Holley at the top of the list in that foursome.  On the down side, I’d put Dale Arnold at the bottom of the list.

In any event, like Dano El wrote yesterday, it seems like WEEI is afraid despite comments stating otherwise.  They have made a truce with the Boston Globe so you will hear people like Bob Ryan and Dan Shaughnessy on WEEI now.

And they have also started to change the length of their commercial breaks between segments.  Up until now, ten minutes was fairly routine for a break between segments on WEEI.  Starting this week they have started to shorten their breaks to as little as 90 seconds.

WEEI says they are not worried about the effect “The Sports Hub” will have on their airwaves, but their actions certainly speak to a different tune though.

Article Courtesy of:  Boston Man Cave CLICK HERE