Sports Radio Boston Joins UR Business Network-

Sports Radio Boston – Relaunch!

It’s been a while but we are back and with a special purpose!

It is our intent and with the help of the Sporting group at UNregular Radio and the  UR Business Network Sports Radio Boston is sure we keep up with the local, regional and national sports market.

Sports Radio Boston  accepts all Blogger reviews for consideration as well as aggregating and sharing content to ensure our visitors are well informed on sporting news.

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Sports Radio Boston is thrilled  to join and hopes to be an integral part of the growth of the UR Business and Radio Network!

Local Business Radio 24/ 7 on URBN!

Built on the backbone of UNregular Radio; an established strong network with four stations already – URBN is the first to go all business talk, currently the focus of the UNRegular Radio Network is music driven.

With new shows being added to the UR Business Radio Network focusing on Restaurants, Hospitality, The Business of Music,  Entertainment – Sports Radio Boston feels right a home.

Take a listen on the player on this site or or any device!

UR Business Network’s web and social media components as well as the content development and data mining make URBN a structured multimedia entity with reach-frequency and true lead and business development capabilities.

The UR Business Network is not only an innovative radio presence; UR Business Network is a better option to the traditional marketing and advertising models which fail to fully deliver.

UR Business Network is a new communications platform for those who have an understanding of the next best thing!

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