Franchise Relocation On The Business Side Of Sports With Nathan Roman And Stephen Norman.

The Business Side Sports

Go here for the full episode on franchise relocation. Ever wonder what it's like to have your favorite team just up and leave? On this episode of The Business Side of Sports, Nathan and Stephen take up the issue of franchise relocation, and you get an intimate perspective as Nathan grew up a Rams fan in Los Angeles. They get into some of the numbers as to why a franchise would choose to leave a city and their fanbase for "greener" pastures. Listen here for the full episode of franchise … [Read more...]

The Mighty Jumbos Of Tufts University Defeats Amherst College In LAX Play.


For full video coverage go here.   Tufts University men's lacrosse team beat rival Amherst College 25-12 this past Saturday in conference play. Improving to 10-2, and 6-1 in NESCAC play, the Jumbos are sitting pretty in the standing. They return to conference play tomorrow as they travel up to Maine to play Bates College. Go here for Tufts lacrosse information. And you can go here for the Amherst lacrosse site. … [Read more...]

Talking About The Red Sox Start Of The 2014 Season On Without A Curse.

Without A Curse

Listen to Alex talk the sox season and other happenings here. On this episode of Without A Curse, Alex breaks down the Sox and their disconcerting start to the season. There are reasons that can explain the slow start, giving hope to the rest of the season. Besides, they're THE DEFENDING WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS, for crying out loud! John Lester's contract talks also comes up in this episode. Thanks to the Dodgers giving their left-handed ace Clayton Kershaw a record setting $215 million … [Read more...]

MIT’s Men’s LAX Coach Walter Alessi Is On Noontime Sports.


Catch the full video interview with Coach Alessi here.   Coach Alessi has spent 40 seasons as the MIT Engineer's men's lacrosse coach. Needess to say, he has seen a lot in the sport, and has experienced its evolution. On this edition of Noontime Sports, he talks with Matt about those experiences and gives his wisdom. To follow Matt you can go to Twitter (@NoontimeSports) and DM him there! … [Read more...]

Nathan Roman And Stephen Norman RANT On The Business Side Of Sports.

The Business Side Sports

Go here for the FULL rant.   Businesses know you can't be static, you have to constantly assess and adjust to make your company more effecient. In sports, the professional leagues are no different. Thing is, it's not always well received or bettering the product. On this episode of The Business Side Of Sports, Nathan and Stephen RANT on the changes the NFL has implemented and some of the going ons at the annual NFL meetings. They also discuss Mark Cuban's comments regarding the NFL's … [Read more...]

Guide to MLB’s Expanded Instant Replay Rules

When the 2014 Major League Baseball regular season officially begins for most teams Sunday and Monday (the Los Angeles Dodgers swept the Arizona Diamondbacks in Australia last week), fans, players and managers will notice a significant expansion of the use of instant replay.  New rules, approved unanimously by owners in January, detail the plays subject to review, and how a review would be initiated and conducted.  This entry is intended to serve as a guide for understanding the new … [Read more...]

Ruling Signals Sea Change in Collegiate Sports

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 12.19.25 PM

March 26, 2014... Mark it down, readers... An enormous day in the history of college sports. Peter Ohr, regional director of the National Labor Relations Board (“NLRB”), ruled that all eligible football players at Northwestern University on a scholarship can be considered "employees" of the institution.  As individuals who are compensated and under the control of the university, such student athletes fall into the definition of an "employee", according to Ohr. As such, they have all the rights … [Read more...]

Paul Mathieson of Dover Squash and Fitness Talks Professional Squash

paul mathieson

Paul Mathieson, head squash professional at Dover Squash and Fitness, appeared on “In The Zone” with Dr. Pam Brill.  In his appearance, Mathieson discusses what it takes to become a professional athlete, the experience of being “in the zone”, and the transition to coaching. In his appearance, Mathieson describes watching, at age 14, some of the best athletes in the UK compete at Squash.  His father, watching beside him, said: "you'll get to this level and you'll surpass it." Mathieson claims … [Read more...]

Numerous Mass. Schools Earn Rankings In Current LAX Polls!


Go here for the full write up.   From Division - I to Division - III Massachusetts-and New England-is well represented in the lacrosse national polls. UMass has dropped to third, as Harvard remained fifth. Merrimack increases its streak of six weeks at the top spot in all of Division - II, with Bentley still holding down the number two spot. For the top spot in all of Division - III, Tufts University is leading the charge. Click here for the complete write up. Here you'll get where … [Read more...]